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As construction accidents have surged, Manhattan prosecutors are pushing to bring criminal charges against builders they say have sacrificed worker safety for profits. That effort was on full display one afternoon at the Manhattan district attorney's office where prosecutor Diana Florence gathered a group of worker advocates and foreign consulate representatives around a conference table. As the guests sipped coffee an nibbled on pastries Ms Florence and a colleague stressed the importance of photographing unsafe construction sites, truthfully reporting injories and speaking to investigators, who they said would not turn in imdocumented workers. 

A construction boom in New York City has created what Manhattan District Attorney Vance Jr says is an environment where builders are incentivized to cut corners. Last summer his office, the city's Department of Investigation and other agencies formed a task force to investigate not just worker deaths but also fraudulent safety inspections, bribery and other crimes they say create unsafe conditions. The district attorney's office has since sought to build and prosecute case around such crimes.

Those efforts got a boost in June when a general contractor Harco Construction LLC, was convicted of manslaughter of Carlos Moncayo, a worker killed in 2015 when a trench collapsed at a construction site in  Manhattan's Meatpacking District. It wasa the first manslaughter conviction in the office's recent push and prosecutors say it established that a firm managing a project can he held criminally liable. 

Robo Advisors are making low cost, computers generated advice address the complex needs of investors in or near retirement. traditional financial financial services such as Charles Schwab and Vanguard Goups, aw well as newer players  such as Wealthfront and  Betterment, are competing to attract small investors wary of paying the 1% or more of assets that a typical human adviser charges. After assessing an investor's risk tolerance and goals through an online questionaire , robo advisors typically build each client a diversified portfolio of low cst index funds, often for a fee of .25% or less Although robo advisors and other automated investment tools offer some clear benefits, it is improtant to understand their risks and limitations before using them 

Top auto parts suppliers Depphi Automotive PLC and Mobileye NV  are joining forces to develop a fully aautonomous driving system that car makers could begin placing in their vehicles begging in 2019. The two hope the development partnership will produce off he shelf systems for everything from small cars to sport utilities and pickup trucks, and help them carve out a central role in the race to supply technology for driverless vehicles. The Tie up to be disclosed on Tuesday, comes as big automakers and tech companies are moving independently on autonomousvehicle developments.

Delphi a mormer General Motors Co spinoff, and Mobileye of Jerusalem now supply auto makers with the sensors and software that are the buioding blocks of autonomous vehicle development programs. Shared of both have struggled recently as car sales plateau and customrs put pieces in place to eventually develop their own gear.

While auto makers generally have turned over more of the work of making components to suppliers, autonomous vehicle vehicle technology is one area they aim to maintain control through in house expertise. GM earlier this year acquired autonomous vehicle developer Cruise Automation Inc to help accelerate its research and Ford Motor Co last week it is investing in or teaming with several tech companies to launch a car without steering wheels or pedals by 2021.


A small but growing number of US companies have intensified their push to increase the ranks of women on their boards as businesses pay greater attention to gender parity at all levels. These initiatives are bearing fruit  as companies revamp the way they recruit female executives. Some companies have begun to restrict initial searches to women, while others insist on interviewing at least one woman director for director posts. Among those pursuing such strategies are Ecolab, Symantec Corp, Johnson & Johnson Voya Financial Inc Pinterest & Nucor Corp. At Ecolab, the cleaning products companyhad just one female director when Doug Baker advanced to become it chief executive in 2004. Its current board 15 member board includes four women, partly because of his work with Beth Stewart,  a recruiter who specializes in seeking qualified women directors. Directors believed increased board divreisity sets the example as a whole.. These extra efforts have yet to alter the sluggish progress on board gender diversity, however. Women held less than one-fifth of directorships at S&P companies last year.


If you own a boat that provides some of the creature comforts of home, you may be entitled to tax benefits normally associated with a fixes dwelling. Claim mortgage interest deductions for the boar. As long as you meet certain requirements, you are entitled to deductions for the interest you pay, just like the mortgage interest paid on a second home.  Generally you are allowed to deduct the qualified mortgage interest paid on a principle residence and one other home. The deductible amount is limited to interest paid on axquistion debt of up to $ 1 million dollars plus interest on home equity debt of up to $100,000. The IRS defines home for this purpose as a house, condominium, cooperative, mobile home, house trailer or similar property that has sleepin, cooking and toilet facilities. If you boar has a galley, sleeping auarters and a head you should qualify.