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An effective, insightful internal audit function provides confidence to leaders that their organizations can meet the demands of changing environments.  Managing risk, monitoring controls, enhancing security and improving corporate governance are core internal audit services.  Organizations are increasingly leveraging internal audit as a strategic resource, recognizing that internal auditors’ broad and deep perspective of operations, risks and potential opportunities can help inform business decision-making.


Tlhe Cullinane  Internal Audit and Financial Advisory consultants work with audit executives, management and audit committees at companies of virtually any size, public or private, to assist them with their internal audit services. This can include starting and running the activity for them on a fully outsourced basis or working with an existing internal audit function to supplement their team when they lack adequate staff or skills. Cullinane helps CFOs and financial executives strengthen their finance function and manage complex accounting issues, including non-routine situations such as financial restatements.  In addition, Cullinane Internal Audit and Financial Advisory team helps clients assess their fraud risks and implement solutions to better manage these risks and lead investigations into financial irregularities.

Cullinane has 40 years experience in Auditing starting at Coopers & Lybrand where is main client was Johnson & Johnson and his initial internal audit experience was with Johnson & Johnson.  He has supervised a number of Sarbanes Oxley compliance reviews through this firm.

In today's business enviroment the need for a professional approach to Internal Audit is clearly evident. The Sarbanes Oxley law has made internal audit a critical function and the PCAOB continues to push for more comprehensive audit procedures, and her a solid internal audit function can save significant money. We can bring significant experience to the table. Mr Cullinane was on the audit of Johnson & Johnson for 5 years while with Coopers & Lybrand during which time he worked closely with the J&J internal audit department coordinating resoures and reviewing there  audit work.  He also reviewed the Internal Audit Department work at Bell Laboratories and AT&T Long Lines  Subsequenty, he worked for Johnson & Johnson in their internal audit department. In addition he has been a Sarbanes Oxley consultant and supervised many SOX efforts including AEP Industries and Cosmetic Essence.

Our Internal Audit Services can reduce business risk exposures and contribute to your organization's performance goals. Your bottom line results will improve as a result of our internal audit services because of 

Efficient and complete approach
Proven methodlogy
Knowledge transfer to your professionals
Business process and information technology knowledge​

Our process-oriented approach focuses on aligning the right internal controls with company exposures. We follow the guidelines of the Institute of Internal Auditors. New business processes are reviewed and evaluated for the impact on existing practices. You will have confidence that you  are receiving a service that meets your compliance and business needs from a credible and well respected firm because of

Substantial knowledge of internal controls
Broad industry experience
Systems implementation experience
Business Process and information technology