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​No blockbuster cases rivaling Obamacare subsidies, or same sex marriage, but the Supreme Court has several important cases on its docket as it begins a new term this month. Rulings will come down before the term ends in June. Examples: Discrimination. Does the period for filing a suit start at the time a worker quits or when alleged discrimination occurs Green v Brennan  Health Insurance: Does a man injured by a drunk driver have to reimburse his health plan because of a six figure settlement from the driver? Montaine v Board of Trustees of the National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan.  Credit Reports: Must workers have to show actual harm from inaccurate info in their credit reports before filing class action lawsuits? Spokeo v  Robins  ​Wage and hour suits At issue in Tyson v Bouaphakeo is whether and and how a lawsuit seeking worker's back pay  can proceed as a collection action.  Public Unions Does allowing public sector unions to collect agency fees from employees who are not union members violate workers' First Amendment Rights to excercise their free speech? ​Friedrichs v California Teachers Association

The US will increase sales of military gear to Asian and western Pacific allies as it moves to counter China's rising defense posture and territorial disputes that Beijing has with its neighbors.  the buildup will also shield US commercial stakes in the region, vital shipping lanes, as china expands it s naval force.

Among the transactions: Upgraded Aegis ship radar equipment for Japan from Raytheon.  Drones called Global Hawks for South Korea from Northrop Grumman. A multiyear program of supplying parts and service for F-16 fighters owned by Taiwan. Electronic warfare gear for India from GE and Raytheon. India will also buy ships from Huntington Ingalls. Variants of the F-35 radar evading jet for Australia, Japan and Singapore from Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and others.

Police are eyeing new ways to fight crime with Internet Technology. Future advances in software for driverless cars and connected homes, for example will make it easier to find criminals or monitor folks, under house arrest. Officers will be able to connect to a driverless car, identify the suspect inside, then use software to take control and make the care stop. Or thought fitness wearables, they will track,drug or alcohol use of someone under house arrest in a connected home. Other ideas: Drones to take over high speed chases when police cars fall behind. Big national databases that tap into a person's history and social networks.

Cheap consumer technology will be a big help. A smartphone advance, police will have more access to less expensive hardware, data and better software. Police will benefit from the hugh strides being made by Microsoft, Facebook and Google in pattern and image recognition. Also from consumer drone advances from companies such as China-based DJI, which makes small easy to fly drones with cameras. Civil liberties advocates are already mustering fierce opposition.

Apple Inc said that quarterly profit rose 31% on demand for the iPhone even as the company faces questions over how it will maintain growth for its flagship product. Booming iPhone sales have propelled the company to a string of strong results while withstanding a slowdown to the in the global smartphone market . Apple followed up its first large screen iPhones with a pair of new releases in late september. Chief Executive Tim Cook said he expects iPhone sales to grow again in the current quarter. Shares of Apple, up 9% over the past year rose immediately  after the release of its numbers  but pulled back and were down .1% in after hours trading 




The Postal Service continues to reinvent itself as a package delivery specialist. This holiday season, the agency is renting vans to speed package shipping at a time when more shoppers than ever are doing their buying online. Renting vans is part of a plan to beef up its parcel deliveries and compete with UPS and FedEx. The shift in focus should be a boon for the post office, which has lost revenue from its core operation, delivering the mail.



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