​We provide full bookkeeping  service using Quickbooks. Monthly you provide your financial data to us and our staff will generate a full set of books for you. With our bookkeeping servoice we will provide a balance sheet, income statement and a statement of cash flow. We also will reconcile your bank statement for. In addition we will generate financial reports you require such as an accounts receivable & accounts payble trial balance. We will also provide a monthly financial analysis.

Quickbooks is designed for the layman to understand, but the initial setup and installation must be done correctly in order for future information to be accurate.

All information necessary to setup manual accounting records is necessary  to setup and install Quickbooks on your computer.

The accounting method you use, and the chart of accounts you need for your particular business, we can provide guidance. We can also provide guidance on the type of business entity you should choose to minimum taxes. We can also provide customize training should you request it.

This is what we provide:
1) Evaluate your accounting requirements
2) Install software and install the chart of accounts
3) Prepare a list of the items/ services  you sell to your customers and        enter into Quickbooks
4 Enter your starting date and beginning balances
5) Print the trial balance and reconcile it to the trial balance on the old system
6) Enter the transactions from the starting date in Quickbooks
7) Train staff on Quickbooks 

​Quickbooks is the most popular accounting software for small to medium sized businesses. It is easy to use and generates a plethora of reports which can be very useful to management. We offer a full range of services associated with Quickbooks from setting up Quickbooks for you, training on Quickbooks to where we do all the bookkeeping for you on Quickbooks


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